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I Need Your Help, Not Monetarily

Dear Friends,

If You are Reading this You are Familiar with My Online Efforts to Maintain and Protect Life on Our Beautiful World.

What You Might Not Know is that For Many Years I Have Been Quietly Working on My Own as an Independent (Read Poor) Researcher in Environmental Remediation.

I Have Recently Crossed the Province to Vancouver to Work on Some Environmental and Social Problem Projects Where there are More Resources Available to Me.

My Problem is that Vancouver is Expensive and Housing is in Short Supply.

I Have Not Been a Renter in Over Two Decades So Cannot Supply Renters References.

As Well I Have Lived an Isolated Life and as a Result Almost All my Friends are Online.

So What I am Asking is if You Have Been Able to Discern Any Good or Redeemable Qualities from Our Online Interactions or My Social Media Advocacy I Would  Very Greatly Appreciate an Email with Whatever Reference You are Comfortable Giving.

If This is Something You Would Consider Please Drop me a line on twitter or facebook, My Blog or by Email.

Thank You for Your Time and Consideration.

Lon Hope


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