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I am Doing Research and Starting a Sustainable Food Production Systems and Their Support Technologies and Environmental Remediation Through the Use of Natural Systems/Plants etc. Research and Developement Company.
One of the first Products will be an Economical Small System for Use in the Inncer Cities by Low Income Individuals and Families, Capable of Providing a Majority of Their Organic Fruit and Vegetables and If a little extra effort is Expended Have Produce or Specialised Herbs/Vegetables/Fruit etc. for Sale.
Providing Extra Income Streams.
The Second System I am Developing Will Provide Fish as well as Vegetables/Fruit etc.
Other Systems will Eventually Have other things, mollusks/crayfish/shrimp/Algae/ etc.
Systems I am Working on Will Utilize Techniques and Ideas from Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Aquaponics, Vermiculture, Algaeculture, Mycology and many other things.

The Lights in my wishlist, I need ten, I have Three but only two that I can use leaving me eight more lights I need. I plan on buying four more if I can next week, so that leaves four that I need.
My current project is providing a revenue stream to fund my research. Growing Organic Herbs and Micro Herbs.
I have always lived a low impact non materialist lifestyle and have still managed in the last year to accumulate a lot of equipment and supplies and tools. I am coming to need more exspensive tools and supplies and equipment. I am like a starving artist except I starve to buy an Electrical Condictivity Meter or Seeds or a myriad of things instead of new brushes or paint. lol
I Also Have Run Out of Space. I Have around 500 Gallons in Tanks I can’t use until I get a New Lab/Workshop,Growing Room, Tank Room.
So once I get my project setup, it being a modest one ,should provide somewhere around $2200 a month I hope. So I will have to start saving for the move as soon as the crops start producing. So it will be no losening of the belt anytime soon…again. lol
But, once I can move, it will be easy to expand my systems, just add More Lights-again . I will just buy as many as I can as I go along. That way I can easily expand my production slowly, and funding my research should no longer be a worry.
I estimate with one of my production systems for this project to get about 100 sq Feet of growing room in a space 2 feet by 4 feet and 7-8 feet tall. Right now I am using a half size one, of which I have two. Of course 8 of the lights are missing.
The rent/move on the Wishlist, I am not really expecting to get that, I plan to save it as fast as I can. But it’s a wishlist right? 🙂

This is What I am Working to Save. Any Donation Whatever is Most Heartily Appricated.

photo at top is an Edible Flower -Marigold. One of My Mother plants that I will use for Seeds and Cloning.

Here’s some photo’s of some of the things I have done and Equipment I have Aquired so Far.

I am also an Advocate for Food and Water Security,Local/Organic Food, Human/Civil Rights and many other issues, see-!/GreenSolarWind

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