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“#monsanto Knowingly Sold Human Carcinogen To Consumers.” #glyphosate

June 2, 2017

The Story begins as early as the 1980s when laboratory tests on glyphosate began to show cellular changes in laboratory animals that should have been considered early signals of a relationship to cancer.In fact in 1985 the EPA during a time when it was actually effective; a time when it actually worked on behalf of a safe environment, determined that glyphosate the primary ingredient of Roundup needed to be classified as a class C carcinogen which meant that it clearly was suggestive of a relationship to cancer.But then miraculously 6 years later the EPA suddenly changes that classification to something just the opposite where they claim that NO they were wrong; and overnight glyphosate according to the EPA and Monsanto the public now has no worries about cancer. Nothing to worry about here ā€¦ move on.

Source: Papantonio: Monsanto Knowingly Sold Human Carcinogen To Consumers – The Ring of Fire Network


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