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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Mercy For Animals, President of the United States, Facebook, Instagram, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Stop Instagram taking down animal activis…

February 7, 2016

Recently many Animal Activists pages are being removed for graphic imagery, People who are just trying to raise awareness about the horrific situations animals are put in BECAUSE of Humans.
I’m asking everyone to sign this petition, We will NOT be silenced. 
We are not allowed to spread the TRUTH, But Hunters are allowed their graphic & gory accounts, Where they pose with animals stuck in traps, While they are screaming & terrified for their life. They even record them Choking the animals to death or beating them over the head with blunt objects, I even have many Hunters tag me in every single kill they make, & Direct message me photos of animals in distress .. Saying things such as..  “I’m going to kill more animals today just for you” THAT IS HARASSMENT. But what does Instagram do about it? They will comment on photos of my dogs..Saying they want to kill them, They will send me videos of them killing animals. Animal activists are NOT allowed to raise awareness BUT Hunters are allowed to have their CRUEL, Ego Boost accounts, videos & photos of traumatized animals. This is not only cruel to animals But, To people like Myself who care for animals, It is distressing not only for animals but for people who care for these creatures, I do not understand how animal rights pages are being torn down but Hunters are allowed their Sick, Graphic, Gory, Psychotic pages that upset many People & Children who will be traumatized by seeing such content.  
 I’m asking all animal lovers to please sign & share, We will NOT be silenced, We need to speak out against such cruelty or we will never reinforce change.
Thank you

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